History offers examples of convenient deaths. Some famous figures died at the precise moments their deaths could benefit powerful people nations.

Examples of such deaths include Subras Chandra Bose, the Indian nationalist leader whose fiery demise at the end of World War II made life easier for both British imperialists and rival Indian nationalists. Another was Admiral François Darlan, the French Naval commander. Darlan’s assassination on Christmas Eve 1942 made General Charles De Gaulle, the undisputed leader of the Free French forces in World War Two.

American history offers one of the most perfectly timed convenient deaths that of Harry Dexter White in 1948. White’s death came at the exact moment to benefit both Soviet intelligence agencies and powerful Americans. …

The United States Senate has a long-history of racism, elitism, corruption, voter suppression, and undemocratic practices.

Conversely, many Americans view the Senate as a bastion of democracy, American values, and civility. For instance, there is the Senate’s reputation as “the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.”

So how did Americans come to view the U.S. Senate as a fundamental institution of democracy and a champion of liberty? The answer is generations of propaganda disguised as history and entertainment.

The US Senate’s Antidemocratic Roots

The US Senate was an antidemocratic institution from the start. …

A company associated with the Massachusetts Institute Institute of Technology (MIT) claims to a viable fusion reactor design.

Several peer-reviewed articles in The Journal of Plasma Physics validate Commonwealth Fusion Systems’ (CFS) nuclear fusion reactor design, a press release claims. The papers are the first peer-reviewed articles that show a compact fusion device from a private company could function as a power plant, a CFS press release claims.

Scientists from CFS and MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC) wrote the articles. …

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