Etsy Inc. (NASDAQ: ETSY) spent $1.625 billion for the British platform in June. Naturally, investors will wonder if Etsy is making a brilliant move or if the craft site is desperately seeking new markets.

Depop is a British platform that sells used clothing and accessories under the guise of fashion. To me, Depop looks like a car boot sale or a jumble (British slang for a garage sale) for Generation Z. IE a place for broke club kids to sell their old stuff for cash.

Recode’s Rebecca Heilweil speculates Etsy’s management is trying to market to Generation Z (people under…

One of the best ways to measure the health of the American economy is to examine the financial numbers of monster banks such as Wells Fargo (WFC).

Wells Fargo is an excellent barometer for the US economy because it is America’s third largest bank. Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE: WFC) claims to operate over 13,000 and over 7,200 branches in the United States. Arrogantly, Wells Fargo claims to have $1.9 trillion in assets and serve one-in-three US households and over 10% of American middle-market companies and small businesses.*

Thus, Wells Fargo serves middle America and ordinary Americans. If ordinary Americans…

America is now ruled by a judicial aristocracy headed by the US Supreme Court.

That’s the opinion of Harvard Assistant Law Professor Nikolas Bowie. Interestingly, Bowie compares the US Supreme Court to King George III, Britain’s monarch during the American Revolution.

“This is precisely what the Declaration of Independence protested,” Bowie writes of the Supreme Court. “As absurd as it was then for a continent to be perpetually-governed by an island, it is equally absurd now for a nation of 300 million to be perpetually-governed by five Harvard and Yale alumni.”

Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash

In anticipation of big donations from the Federalist Society

A video game component could make hot fusion a reality. A graphics processing unit (GPU), or graphics card, is running an experimental fusion reactor at the University of Washington (UW).

Hence the secret to fusion and generating enormous amounts of clean energy could sit on a shelf at Best Buy (BBY). The GPU directs plasma and controls magnetic fields, a press release claims.

“The GPU gives us access to a huge amount of computing power,” Kyle Morgan said. …

The US Supreme Court threatens liberty and democracy in America. Surprisingly, this incendiary message is being spread by an assistant professor at Harvard Law School.

Nikolas Bowie attacks the Supreme Court as anti-democratic in a long Washington Post op-ed titled How the Supreme Court dominates our democracy. Bowie correctly notes that the Supreme Court’s track record for defending democracy and constitutional rights is terrible. In particular, Bowie blames the Supremes for Jim Crow.

What is extraordinary is that Bowie questions the concept of an all-powerful judiciary. Moreover, Bowie alleges the Supreme Court is a threat to democracy. …

American history almost took some strange turns. Frequently, scenarios straight out of bizarre alternative history stories almost true.

Some of the most bizarre scenarios in American history that almost came true include:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) almost became America’s spy agency

After World War II, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover lobbied hard to have his G-men put in charge of US espionage.

In 1945, President Harry S. Truman (D-Missouri); who disliked espionage, disbanded America’s wartime spy agency the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Hoover moved to fill the gap by sending FBI agents to U.S. embassies around the world to gather intelligence.

Oddly, the FBI had been in charge…

Telcoin (TEL) is a cryptocurrency designed to cash in on mobile phone services.

To explain, Telcoin is a decentralized utility token that serves as “the underlying medium of exchange and unit of account between users of the Telcoin Platform.” The Telcoin Platform is a user-owned financial platform that serves Tecloin users, Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) member mobile network operators and Mobile Money Service Providers.

Smartphone users use TEL to pay for Telcom products and services. For example, Telcom customers could use Telcoin to pay for apps or games in an app store. In addition, those customers could pay for play on mobile games.

What is Telcoin?

Moreover, smartphone users could use Telcoin (TEL)…

Many investors are looking at home builders such as the Lennar Corporation (NYSE: LEN) because of America’s housing shortage.

Notably, Lennar’s share price grew from $68.85 on 20 July 2020 to $100.11 on 22 July 2021. I think news stories about the housing shortage drive Lennar’s grow

For example, housing technology company Veev estimates the USA has a seven million home “housing deficit.” A Veev press claims California alone has a three million home housing deficit.

Conversely, Freddie Mac estimates the US housing deficit at 3.8 million homes. However, Freddie claims the housing stock deficit grew by 52% between 2018…

The Republican or Grand Old Party (GOP) of the United States has become the most destructive, un-American, and undemocratic political organization to hit America’s shores since the Communist Party USA.

The Republicans are not passing nuclear secrets to genocidal dictators as the Communists did but their behavior is increasingly destructive. For example, the Republicans are denying global warming, fighting plans to fight global opposing vaccination, and attacking social distancing.

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

In fact, Republicans were cheering the failure of President Joe Biden’s (D-Delaware) vaccination plans at CPAC. That’s insane because President Donald J. Trump (R-Florida) launched the program that created the vaccines…

Importantly, COVID-19 vaccination rates make a strong case for Medicare for All.

The highest percentage of vaccinated Americans is among people aged 65 to 74. Our World in Data estimates 76.19% of Americans 65 to 74 are fully-vaccinated and 85.37% of the people in that group are partially-vaccinated.

In contrast, 43.06% of Americans between 25 and 39 and 38.34% of Americans between 18 and 24 are fully-vaccinated, Our World in Data estimates. However, around 51.67% of those aged 40 59 and 61.78% of persons aged 50 to 64 are fully-vaccinated.

The standard eligibility age for Medicare in the United States…

Daniel G. Jennings

Daniel G. Jennings is a writer who lives and works in Colorado. He is a lifelong history buff who is fascinated by stocks, politics, and cryptocurrency.

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