Meet the Presidential Candidates

Daniel G. Jennings
10 min readFeb 25, 2019

It is time to meet the presidential candidates because the 2020 electoral circus has begun. Okay, so who is really running for President, and who might run for president.

It is hard to tell because the 2020 race looks wide open. To make matters worse, the media is speculating about silly celebrity candidates while ignoring serious contenders.

For instance, Michelle Obama, who is probably not running, gets more attention than US. Senator Kamala Harris (D-California). Notably, most oddsmakers list Harris as the most probable Democratic nominee.

Okay so who is running for president and who is not. To help you keep track and meet the presidential candidates here is my 2020 Race for the White House Scorecard.

2020 Race for the White House Scorecard

This scorecard is divided into three sections, who is running for president, who might run for president, and media bullshit.

Who are the Presidential Candidates

Here are the credible presidential candidates who have officially announced they are running. Note there are a few other official candidates like Andrew Yang out there but I do not take them seriously.

U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris (D-California)

Who is she? Junior Senator from California, and a former prosecutor. Harris is an upper-class attorney of Tamil heritage from who is trying to portray herself as African-American and the black candidate. (Her father was from Jamaica but her mother is from Chennai, India).

Running as. The black candidate, and centrist turned leftist. Harris has a reputation as a moderate but she is drifting farther left. Notably, Harris is embracing leftist big ideas single-payer healthcare and basic income.

Strengths. Harris is a woman, she’s black, she’s good-looking, and unknown on a national level. She’s from California, which will give her an edge in the Super-Tuesday primaries. The Golden State will in that event in 2020 for the first time. She’s not Donald J. Trump or Elizabeth Warren. Oddly, Harris could appeal to dissatisfied conservatives because of her past as a tough on crime prosecutor.



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