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Daniel G. Jennings
14 min readNov 20, 2020

If you’re looking for a SiteGround alternative then you’ve come to the right place! Geek Crunch Hosting is powered exclusively by GCH Cloud Platform and offers a unique and powerful approach to Managed WordPress Hosting. With GCH our entire platform is optimized for speed and scalability.

SiteGround is a great budget WordPress host for those just starting. They don’t utilize some of the same latest technologies that we do at GCH e.g. 10GBPS port speed — SiteGround only offers 100MBPS (+100MBPS as redundancy).

John Lacey


Is @SiteGround active on Twitter? Because my obscenely overpriced hosting just automatically renewed and I had no intention of continuing with this garbage and I am NOT HAPPY.

2:38 AM · Nov 9, 2020


Manifestation & Soulful Business Mentor


I love you @SiteGround but to have that much of an increase over two years is a joke. Which other hosting companies do you guys recommend? #hosting #bloggers

George Dyrrachitis


@SiteGround renewal prices are disgraceful, they charge x3-x10 prices for renewals, unbelievable. My renewal skyrocketed. Bye bye siteground, moving my blog and I will never go back.

9:43 AM · Jun 2, 2019

Philip O’Connor


Cancelling everything on @siteground- price went up 400% from yr1 to yr2 and they helped themselves to the money from my Visa. Unacceptable.

7:23 AM · Mar 17, 2011

There is a fundamental difference between how SiteGround’s infrastructure and Geek Crunch Hosting premium infrastructure is built and operates. We’ve seen from customers first-hand that scaling and growing a business at SiteGround isn’t feasible due to increasing problems with performance and customer service.

When we search social media, every day we encounter SiteGround clients that are looking for better alternatives that will speed up their sites and provide…

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