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If you’re looking for a SiteGround alternative then you’ve come to the right place! Geek Crunch Hosting is powered exclusively by GCH Cloud Platform and offers a unique and powerful approach to Managed WordPress Hosting. With GCH our entire platform is optimized for speed and scalability.

SiteGround is a great budget WordPress host for those just starting. They don’t utilize some of the same latest technologies that we do at GCH e.g. 10GBPS port speed — SiteGround only offers 100MBPS (+100MBPS as redundancy).

John Lacey


Is @SiteGround active on Twitter? Because my obscenely overpriced hosting just automatically renewed and I had no intention of continuing with this garbage and I am NOT HAPPY.

2:38 AM · Nov 9, 2020


Manifestation & Soulful Business Mentor


I love you @SiteGround but to have that much of an increase over two years is a joke. Which other hosting companies do you guys recommend? #hosting #bloggers

George Dyrrachitis


@SiteGround renewal prices are disgraceful, they charge x3-x10 prices for renewals, unbelievable. My renewal skyrocketed. Bye bye siteground, moving my blog and I will never go back.

9:43 AM · Jun 2, 2019

Philip O’Connor


Cancelling everything on @siteground- price went up 400% from yr1 to yr2 and they helped themselves to the money from my Visa. Unacceptable.

7:23 AM · Mar 17, 2011

There is a fundamental difference between how SiteGround’s infrastructure and Geek Crunch Hosting premium infrastructure is built and operates. We’ve seen from customers first-hand that scaling and growing a business at SiteGround isn’t feasible due to increasing problems with performance and customer service.

When we search social media, every day we encounter SiteGround clients that are looking for better alternatives that will speed up their sites and provide higher quality support and most importantly price transparency.

Today online businesses want a host that they don’t have to worry about outgrowing or getting repeat CPU limitation warnings. People ask us all the time how we’re different from SiteGround, and that’s the question we’ll answer here. Below, we’ll dive into how Geek Crunch Hosting is not your typical Hosting provider host and the benefits of having your WordPress with us.

Geek Crunch Hosting is built for performance and scalability

You create your WordPress site. We do the work with fully-managed hosting, setup, and security. Our hosting platform doesn’t fall into any of the traditional hosting categories. We have designed & developed the entire infrastructure and is very different from traditional shared, VPS, or dedicated infrastructure. The whole GCH Managed WordPress platform is based on PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) where the whole deployment & scalability of the platform is automated.

Infrastructure Highlights:

  • 10GBPS Port Speed (Bandwidth)
  • 100% SSD RAID 10 Infra
  • 100% Fiber connectivity
  • Fully Redundant Cloud Infrastructure

When hosting with us, all it takes is a click of a button and for the customer to provide a few details like the password, database name, and location of the installation. A few seconds later WordPress was ready to go.

If the customer was to run into any trouble with their site due to WordPress, a theme or a plugin the other hosting provider offered little help since few supported the applications that customers installed on their servers or most of them don’t have expertise in WordPress the way Geek Crunch Hosting poses.

Managed WordPress Hosting service that handles all of your technical stuff like upgrades, performance, and security to allow you to focus on your content. We provide WordPress Hosting for personal sites to multi-server clusters for Web startups to global enterprises.

SiteGround has several limits in place on their WordPress hosting plans. None of these limits have been disclosed by SiteGround. They limit your site by server processes, the number of connections, CPU usage (which is shared), memory, total database size, database tables, and even database queries.

Going over these limits typically results in accounts being temporarily suspended or limited (as seen below). This results in lost revenue for every moment your site is down.

When you buy a package with Geek Crunch Hosting, we disclose all the limits to you upfront. There is nothing like “reading between the lines” so our clients are not caught unaware. Apart from that the limits that are there are quite massive which can satisfy a small business needs quite easily.

Geek Crunch Hosting we don’t ever want to take your website offline. For a lot of modern entrepreneurs, their website is their primary source of income. This is why all our servers are proactively monitored by GCH Cloud Performance Monitor, helping us to ensure all our systems can give 100% uptime. If we notice a problem we’ll instead proactively reach out to you before doing anything. At GCH we believe our clients shouldn’t be penalized for being successful, and that’s why we are there taking care of your site.

With Geek Crunch Hosting you get the same core GCH Cloud Infrastructure whether you’re on a Business Hosting or GCH Cloud Servers — all of them powered by GCH PaaS. Giving you seamless network connectivity, high availability, and high performance. With high levels of automation, migration, and upgrading of your services is done with ease.

If you are on GCH Cloud — giving you high scalability and high availability. On the other hand, when you need more server power at SiteGround you may have to move from a shared environment to a VPS hosting, then to a dedicated server, with site migrations required at every step along the way, there are numerous failed migration stories on the internet.

When your site is Hosted with GCH Cloud Servers, our PaaS orchestrates auto-scaling of infrastructure; ensuring that your site is ready to handle your sudden surges in traffic and load. With our isolated Cloud Server technology, hardware resources are allocated to each site VM (Virtual machine) automatically on an as-needed basis.

The result is a hosting configuration that is secure and private by design while simultaneously allowing server resources to scale up or down as needed based on the demands of the site. It is important to note that we are using KVM and not LCX (which is used by SiteGround and Kinsta). The main advantage of KVM is that unlike LCX each KVM instance will give you your Kernel thus better efficiency and higher optimization.

Let me put it this way, each of LCX that SiteGround uses is hosted within a Google Cloud Compute (i.e. Virtual Machine) — this is a KVM based instance. Here we are not adding a nested instance where there is an LCX container within KVM.

  • 10GBPS of port speed (Bandwidth)
  • 1-Click WordPress security
  • Fast server-level page caching in place
  • Certain pages that should never be cached, such as cart, my-account, and checkout, are excluded from caching.
  • Users automatically bypass the cache when the “woocommerce_items_in_cart cookie” or “add_items_in_cart” are detected to ensure a smooth and in-sync checkout process.

Optimized For WooCommerce And Easy Digital Downloads

GCH is obsessed with highly optimized hosting. Thus our complete platform is also optimized for eCommerce sites which can be very demanding and generate a lot of cache-bypassing dynamic page loads. All our CloudSites have a server-based NginX caching where all the static resources are served by NginX reverse proxy.

We help clients using WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads daily increase the speed of their online stores. A few examples include:

  • 10GBPS of port speed (Bandwidth)
  • 1-Click WordPress security
  • Fast server-level page caching in place
  • Certain pages that should never be cached, such as cart, my-account, and checkout, are excluded from caching.
  • Users automatically bypass the cache when the “woocommerce_items_in_cart cookie” or “add_items_in_cart” are detected to ensure a smooth and in-sync checkout process.

Web Performance Benchmarks

Bitcatcha is used to measure in seconds the overall load time from different geographical locations (first view only). Lower is better. Tests were run from 10 locations. Geek Crunch Hosting beats SiteGround in 10 out of the 10 Locations and that too with a huge margin!

We believe that results should speak for itself.

GCH Managed WordPress: The most complete, secure, and versatile

We provide the following features and accessibility to make your workflow more efficient, not all of which are available at SiteGround:

WordPress Simplified: One-click installer to initialize and configure WordPress from start to finish. One dashboard to mass-manage multiple WordPress instances.

Stage and Test: Test new features and ideas in a sandbox before pushing them to production — No plugins required, no separate server needed.

Cut Out Complexity: Stage, Clone, Sync, Update, Migrate and other complex tasks executed with one click. No more stressed-out dev teams, no more high-risk activities.

1-Click Hardening: Scan all WordPress sites with GCH Managed WordPress to identify and protect your core installations, no manual work is needed. Simply check the items you wish to harden, click “Secure”, and you’re done.

Run and Automate: Singularly or mass-execute updates to the WP core, themes, or plugins. Monitor and run all your WordPress sites from one dashboard.

WP-CLI: Get full control with WP-CLI, maintenance mode, debug management, search engine index management, and more.

Theme and Plugin Management: Quickly find and install a plugin or theme on a WordPress instance or several instances at once. Activate and deactivate plugins. Bulk remove plugins and themes that are not needed. Install plugin and theme sets on existing sites.

Backup and Restore Points: If something goes wrong, restore points and backups allow you to restore your site to its previous state.

Debug Management: Manage all important debug options in WordPress or manage debug options on a per-instance basis from a single interface.

Site Indexing: Enable or disable search engines from indexing your site on a per-instance basis.

Maintenance Mode: Activate WordPress maintenance mode when updating WordPress, plugins, or themes with a single click.

NginX Proxy: Loading your site over a reverse proxy is possible, and we have many clients who do so. SiteGround doesn’t allow proxies due to its security policy and data centers.

Multiple PHP Versions: We allow you to run a different version of PHP with FPM for each live site and staging site and switching between PHP engines takes just one-click.

SSD RAID 10 Drives: Lightning fast, max reliability, local RAID, SSD operating at up to 100,000 IOPS guarantee that your applications run swiftly, and data is distributed to your users at blazing speed.

No Hidden limits: SiteGround, for example, limits the number of files which can be uploaded and viewed in a single directory via SFTP to 10,000. This causes headaches for many users as they will be missing files when trying to download manual backups or migrating to another service.

HTTP/2: We rolled out HTTP/2 across all our hosting much before SiteGround did. We are always ahead of the curve when it comes to Hosting and technology.

Expert Support

Service Beyond Support means that our entire team is invested in creating a better experience for your business.

Have an issue? Have a question? Need someone to bounce an idea off? For us, service is much bigger than support. It starts before you are a customer and transcends the typical structure for something better.

We have a team of knowledgeable staff and engineers available 24/7/365 to help you with whatever you may need. We do not outsource our support to any third parties, so you will always be in contact with one of our staff members.

Free Migrations

At GCH we offer unlimited free migrations to all SiteGround customers wanting to make the move to GCH Managed WordPress.

This offer will NEVER expire. SiteGround only includes one free migration regardless of the plan you’re on. With SiteGround they also offer an entire cPanel account migration but if you were migrating from a host that doesn’t utilize cPanel, there is an extra charge.

This means resorting to do-it-yourself plugins. For larger and more complex sites, migrations can easily result in data loss or fail if you don’t know what you’re doing. With GCH, there are no hidden charges like these — free migration means free migration — No matter which host, which control panel — we will migrate your WordPress site for FREE!

Unless you’re a developer with time to burn, it’s much safer to let our expert migration team take care of everything for you. Moving your site to GCH usually won’t incur any downtime and we always inspect your migrated site before going live.

Price Transparency

Any business needs to have price transparency to gain the trust of the customers. But in many of the cases, companies are not giving actual payable prices on the product or services directly and when people buy the product or services they end up paying so much hidden charges.

At Geek Crunch Hosting WE DON’T HAVE BAIT AND SWITCH. We only display what we offer and that’s all. No hidden costs nothing!

Let us compare the price transparency of SiteGround with Geek Crunch Hosting.

SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting:

The special price for Managed WordPress Hosting basic plan starts from 6.99$ per month with the features mentioned above. But when you buy the plan, the charges will be much higher than 6.99$.

The cost of a basic plan for Managed WordPress Hosting is no longer 6.99$ now. It is 19.99$ per month for the same features mentioned in the package of 6.99$. There are some hidden charges added automatically. If you purchase a domain, your package will be added by 15.95$ again. Giving you a total of 35.94$. There isn’t any price transparency when it comes to SiteGround hosting though they provide only limited features.

Apart from such pricing disclosures, they have massive price hikes when renewal is due.

Yikes, @SiteGround.

“The price which you paid for the first year is highly discounted because we want to motivate our clients to try our services and start their businesses and projects. After the first payment cycle, the renewal price is on the regular rate.” #baitswitch

- Amy Lupold Bair (@ResourcefulMom) January 6, 2020

So my siteground hosting renewal is going to cost me $107.40 for 12 months. Think I paid £10 for 1st yr. Any cheaper suggestions?

- Stuart Johnson🚲 (@stujohnson) April 28, 2011

Siteground is ok till its renewal time and then the cost skyrockets and then you either have to pay or move again. Definitely stay way from Bluehost and ALL other EIG owned hosts. Been there and done that and would never do it again.

- Sam S (@ssung69) January 10, 2020

Geek Crunch Hosting Managed WordPress Hosting

Geek Crunch Hosting provides the basic plan for 15$ per month with more features like 10GBPS port speed, SSD RAID 10, and free migration. The important thing is there isn’t any hidden cost to be added when you buy the hosting plan with all the features mentioned above. That means there is complete transparency in price.

You can have a better idea from this screenshot. The total price you are going to pay is the actual cost of the basic plan that is 15$. which means there is no hidden cost or escalation in price.

With geek Crunch Hosting you will not have to pay extra for renewal of the plan. For renewal of the plan, you will have to pay the actual cost of the plan and nothing more, while in the case of SiteGround you will have to pay an extra renewal charge which means every month you will have to pay the hosting charges plus plan renewal charges.

From the comparison of the prices, we can say that in case of price transparency choosing Geek Crunch Hosting is a wise option than SiteGround.

GCH Cloud Performance Monitor

Comprehensive website monitoring used to be about complex management packages that required servers of their running on-premises.

Fortunately, the GCH Cloud Performance Monitor has changed all that. GCH Cloud Performance monitor tools run as managed services, and provide intuitive new interfaces that give anyone a graphical, command center view of their website’s critical metrics, including site traffic, load balancing, and latency metrics, website health, and numerous other factors.

Together, these determine how your online presence stands up to everything from e-commerce surges to large-scale web outages. Even more important than monitoring traffic to the front end of your site, these critical management applications can help you allocate resources and scale your web server capacity to save money while performing more efficiently.

Web servers run far more than websites these days. Data collection, marketing campaigns, media outlets, storefronts, and applications that span the gamut of business functions, all are common residents of your average web server. With these machines carrying these kinds of critical payloads, it behooves IT to make sure they know exactly what’s going on with every web server in their domain-all the time and down to the last detail.

In today’s web and mobile-first environment-in which an organization’s success or failure often hinges on its consumer-facing apps and how they’re consumed and perceived-in-depth management knowledge is of paramount importance. That job falls on website and app monitoring services.

Think of them as Sauron’s all-seeing eye, but devoted entirely to your web servers and directly related infrastructure. Some solely watch others combine their monitoring capabilities with some immediate management tools with which IT can perform quick fixes and other tasks.

They all use the same string of buzzwords (“single pane of glass,” “comprehensive visibility,” an outside-in view,” “an inside-out view,” or “a top-to-bottom view,” and so on) when monitoring your website’s performance.

This is why when you are hosted with GCH Managed WordPress, you can rest assured that your server will never go down. Such infrastructure abilities are not provided by SiteGround. Most of them just have uptime monitoring or trivial monitoring like CPU usage etc. Whereas we monitor our entire infrastructure.

Global Presence

Geek Crunch Hosting enables you to get more choice of deployment options for workload needs. We provide global data centers for your global presence.

  • 10+ TBPS Bandwidth Capacity
  • 73+ Datacenters
  • 90+ POPs around the world
  • 28+ Metropolitan markets

With the Global Network, we establish direct connectivity from major data centers directly to major internet hubs (Internet Exchanges and Private Network Interconnects) around the world. The huge network connectivity of Geek Crunch Hosting will give you 99.99% uptime, 10+ TBPS Bandwidth Capacity, 2000+ ISPs Peered with, and 10 GE & 100 GE up links.

Switch to Geek Crunch Hosting for better performance in terms of a global presence than SiteGround now!

Sign-up with GCH Managed WordPress Hosting Today!

When it comes to Geek Crunch Hosting, we never stop innovating. This is why we have developed & operate the complete Cloud Infrastructure giving you unparalleled performance no other Hosting provider can offer.

From the performance to price and support, there is not any hosting company that can beat Geek Crunch Hosting. If you are really in search of a Fast, Secure, and Reliable hosting solution for your business, Geek Crunch Hosting brings the stability you need. We will support you in growing your online business with a better hosting experience.

Originally published at on November 20, 2020.

Daniel G. Jennings is a writer who lives and works in Colorado. He is a lifelong history buff who is fascinated by stocks, politics, and cryptocurrency.

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