Value Investing in Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Self-Driving Vehicles at NVIDIA Corp (NVDA)

Daniel G. Jennings
7 min readDec 11, 2018

NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) is a value investment for virtual reality, robots, and autonomous vehicles. Notably, the chip maker could cash in on all of those fast-growing segments.

For example, NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) is demonstrating the first artificial intelligence (AI) technology that builds virtual reality (VR) from scratch. In detail, they build most VR with existing or images or graphics.

For instance, creators have to add VR to existing graphics or take special VR footage of subjects in the real world. Hence, to create a VR movie you have to make a traditional movie and convert it into VR.

NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) is opening new frontiers in VR

However, NVDIA’s new AI generates all-new VR graphics from scratch, Fast Company claims. Thus, NVIDIA’s AI could reduce the cost of virtual reality and increase its use.

For instance, a producer could create scenes for a movie or TV show without using sets, stock footage, or even actors. Instead, the new AI built by NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) and the University of California at Berkley allows for the creation of original material in VR.

Therefore, the new technology could create new markets for NVIDIA’s graphics processors. For example, in computers that will build games or make architectural designs.

In addition, there will be a huge demand for VR simulators. Notably, NVIDIA used the new VR examined by Fast Company to create a driving simulator.

A NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) AI is Writing Songs

Virtual reality is not the only thing the NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) AI can create. In fact, a press release claims an AI that runs on NVIDIA processors is writing rock songs.

Musicians unions will hate AIVA’s technology because it can synthesize complete songs without a band. Moreover, AIVA’s AI is demonstrating some scary capabilities that could have uses far beyond music.

“AIVA is an artificial intelligence that has learned the art of music composition by reading over 30,000 scores of the world’s greatest composers,” AIVA founder and CEO Pierre Barreau claims. To demonstrate…

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