Why TD Web Services Is Best For Hosting your Startup, Blogs or an eCommerce Website?

Thanks to the Internet it has provided a platform for a “gig” based economy. This is on a rise. A lot of people want to work from home or just anywhere in the world. They want to follow their passion at the same time get their financial freedom. One of the best form of marketing today is online — that is not possible without a website.

We live in an age where the website load speed, uptime have become imperative. It is extremely essential to have a good hosting provider. Over the years I have moved from 1 hosting provider to another. Which is why I have hosted my blog (marketmadhouse.com) with TD Web ServicesBusiness Hosting. It has been over four years I am with them and there is no looking back.

So what is the “best hosting” provider?

Best hosting provider is finding a hosting provider that will fit your requirements, if you are Mompreneur who wants to make money with dropshipping of baby products — which means your focus is on setting up eCommerce. Key features will be speed and security. This will narrow down your search to Hosting providers. If you are just starting out with blogging, you will need a basic shared hosting package.

Key Features that any hosting provider needs to have to be qualified for “best”:

● HTTP/2

● SSL Support (TDWS Provides FREE SSL on all their plans)

● 1 GBPS Port Speed

● SSD Hosting (even better with RAID 10)

● PHP 7.3 with FPM (Ref: Why Upgrade Your Site to PHP 7.3)

● Scalability

Ref: Why your Website Load Speed is Important

My Website Performance

I don’t have to brag when there are tangible results. Check out my website performance on Bitcatcha & Pingdom. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Why are Brands like BlueHost or GoDaddy still famous even when their hosting service is poor?

Almost everyone writing their reviews is being a paid handsome commission by EIG Group (Brands like HostGator, BlueHost etc) & GoDaddy does a lot of brute force marketing via “Above the Line” and have created a brand value. Basically, money corrupts, which is why most of the bloggers are willing to write fake reviews and not give an honest opinion to their readers. There is NOT a single affiliate link in this article nor I am being paid for this post. Ergo, this will be the most honest opinion that you will get.

Why Do I Choose TD Web Services over others?

SSD Hosting: There are many providers who will claim to have SSD Hosting or even come up with terms like Hybrid SSD. I have seen hosting providers who only use SSD for their OS and services, but hosting is provided on normal drives and give you a marketing spin like “Hybrid SSD”. With TD Web Services, not only you get SSD but they also use RAID 10 which makes it redundant to disk failure and also improves SSD performance by over 25%.

HTTP/2: HTTP/2 is a major revision of the HTTP based on Google SPDY Protocol — for a faster web experience. As of Jul 2018, only 28% of Websites are on HTTP/2. I have been checking on websites that have been hosted with likes of GoDaddy, they are not on HTTP/2. This leads to a slower performance.

Blazing Fast Servers: Faster loading websites. The latest server technologies, like PHP 7.x and PHP-FPM, make your website pages load up to 10x faster. A better backup plan. Our highly trained Expert Support engineers can now take care of backups and recovery for you, so you know your data is secure.

Advanced Security: One of the key features to ensue an 100% uptime is to get a secured hosting environment. I realized this after moving from GoDaddy, where I used to have a lot of WordPress “infection”. After moving to TD Web Services, it’s been now 4yrs and not a single event where my WordPress was compromised. Utilizing the very latest security software and technology we protect your hosted domain against a raft of online threats. TDWS secure FTP/Email Connections to the server. All the servers are actively monitored for malware.

In House Talent — No Outsourcing: In the hosting industry there are a lot of resellers and small Hosting providers. Where most of the support is outsourced. With TDWS all their support is in-house.

The way I judge a good hosting provide is when I don’t need their support. This is where TDWS get full marks. I rarely have to open a ticket with them. Service Beyond Support means that our entire team is invested in creating a better experience for your business. Have an issue? Have a question? Need someone to bounce an idea off? For us, service is much bigger than support. It starts before you are a customer and transcends the typical structure for something better. They have a team of knowledgeable staff and engineers available 24/7/365 to help you with whatever you may need.

Whenever you open a ticket with them issues are resolved at L1 support. They know their stuff. When because I have known them for so long — I have not seen a churn in their support team — their support team has lowest attrition rate in the industry.

Pricing & Transparency: When you sign up for GoDaddy or SiteGround, what they advertise is very different to when you actually have to pay.

There will be a forced upgrade for SSL. It’s there as part of their mission statement of A Honest Hosting Company. There are no hidden cost or forced upgrades. What you see is what you get. Also, they advertise plans on monthly rates unlike GoDaddy where you need to pay 3 years in advance to get a “cheaper” pro-rate. Another instance is if you opt-in for monthly plan, there is setup fee. Which TD Web Services don’t charge. So from their Ads to Hosting experience everything is absolutely HONEST.

When you get Hosting with TD Web Services you pay 7.50$ per month. 1 Single fee per month. It will include all your features like Malware scan, Anti-virus, cPanel, SSL, Backup etc. With GoDaddy they advertise at a much lower rate. When you add the same features to your package at checkout, you end up paying $121.93 per QUARTER which is about 40.64$ per month! Which is 5 times more expensive than TD Web Services. FOR SUBSTANDARD SERVICES.

Business Hosting with TD Web Services: $7.50 per month

GoDaddy Economy Hosting with cPanel: $40.64 per month


Having been blogging for long time, I have not come across a company that is this transparent with their offering and prices. Apart from the technology features that they provide. After years of research, and working with many any hosting companies, it’s a hand-down verdict for TD Web Services. They have an extremely high moral compass. They don’t indulge themselves to corrupt practices that are in the Hosting Industry.

As promised I will NOT be using any Affiliate links in this article, there are NO affiliate links for this article.

Daniel G. Jennings is a writer who lives and works in Colorado. He is a lifelong history buff who is fascinated by stocks, politics, and cryptocurrency.

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